Phil Aughey has not only written two plays, but other works that cover a broad spectrum of ideas and topics.


Trouble at the Pearly Gates

trouble at pearly gatesWhat would happen if you arrived at the Pearly Gates and  discovered Saint Peter had gone on strike?

An ever increasing number of souls have arrived at the Pearly Gates and nothing is happening. Joe is not impressed with the situation and wants to find out the cause of the of the delay. Maree wants to have a discussion with God about his design of the human race and why he does nothing to help.

They escape into the dark and find the unconventional route into heaven. Once inside they discover that this has given them a distinct advantage over the other inhabitants of heaven. But there is another force that is unbeknown to Joe and Maree. There is another entity in the universe that none of them have any power over.

Meanwhile, back amongst the living, Ted and Brian have found the perfect marketing strategy for a product that will ensure the consumers successful transit into heaven.

A satirical, existential and humerous read about two characters in search of the truth behind heaven. What they find is much different to what we have been told. An absurd and fantastical look at what heaven might be like given that God created us in his own image. If the human condition, in this the 21st century, is preoccupied with commercialism, possessions and selfish desires, has spirituality and kindness given way to company profits?

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