For Publicans and their patrons

Anvil Creek Theatre is a small company based in the Hunter Valley, NSW. We have been presenting, "The Exchange" since November 2001.

We hope that you will give us the opportunity to add your establishment to our list of venues.

The advantages for your establishment are the introduction of new clients, (as they have come to see theatre), and provision of something different for your regular clients. Both these groups will patronise the bar and other facilities your establishment has to offer.  


How the night is staged can be varied to suit your needs. The usual format sees the patrons arrive at 7pm for 7:30pm. Main course at 7:30pm, first act 8:15pm. Dessert at 9pm, and Act 2 at 9:30pm, the night is over at 10:20pm, about. Giving patrons plenty of time to stay back, or get home at a reasonable hour if they wish. 

We might also suggest facilities for those who don't want a meal. We do not require a large area in which to perform. As it is an intimate piece we like the audience to be as close as possible so they can feel they are a part of the pub/set. We provide our own props, and can set up by ourselves. We do require a change room and a shower if possible. We also like to have a meal and a beer after the show, and a help in finding accommodation.

Please contact us with any questions you may have. You are welcome to link back to this website.



What age group does it appeal to?

   Any age. At Mortlake mum and dad's baby sitter didn't turn up. "Can the kids see it too". And, what's more they enjoyed it. Our median group is 45 to 65. 

Is there any bad language?

   Appreciate, an authentic tale about a hotel, should have some swearing, however excepting a few bloodys and a bastard. That's it. It is very clean, considering its subject matter.

What is the humour like?

   Predominately very, very dry. There is a laugh in it for everyone.

What sort of people like it?

   Because of it's very Australian nature, everyone can associate with this piece. I do not write for a small group of theatre goers. This is written and performed in venues where it is accessable to every one.

Is it intellectually confronting?

   From the writer's view, this piece is very carefully layered. The top layer is light, funny and entertaining. Some of our audience enjoy this layer and that is enough. There is a lot below the surface for those that are interested, but it is not compulsory.