Welcome to the book launch of Phil's latest book, The Red Dust.

the red dustMy childhood was spent on my parent’s property, west of Griffith on the edge of the Hay plain. This property was one of sixty that were a part of a soldier settlement scheme. It is dated during the 1960s.

In 65 and 66 there was a severe drought. “The Red Dust’ tells the story of the community during this dry time.

Although the novel tackles such issues as isolation, education, distance, social structure, first nation people and the aftermath of WW2 on the settlers, the novel
obsessively deals with the women who followed their husbands into this hash environment.

Marg Stirling, the main character, has difficulty finding her place in this land that offered her little. The story follows her realisation and acceptance of her lot in this
very tough land.

In this novel I have tried to capture the spirit of the outback. It’s extremes, it’s unpredictability, the constant battle to survive but most importantly it’s great peace
and beauty. It is a description of the uniqueness of this land and its effect upon the inhabitants.

It has been written as homage to my parents and the community we were a part of. 

by author Phil Aughey


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5MBS RadioCHOPIN’S LAST TOUR GC Lounge The German Club 26-29 February, 1-5 March

Emily Sutherland from 5MBS

During his life Philip Aughey has combined a love of music, especially that of Chopin, with the love and care of thoroughbred horses. There may not seem to be an obvious connection between the two until you reflect on the capriciousness, sensivity and awareness of being a creature set apart that charaterizes both exceptionally talented composers andmusicians, and the noble horse.

Both from his study of piano and lengthy research Philip Aughey has come to a close understanding of the Polish composer. In his protrayal of Chopin, reminiscing towards the end of his life, he highlights both the triumphs and difficulties that Chopin encountered: ill for most of his life, living in the world of aristocrats though never accepted as ‘one of them’, never finding lasting happiness in love, and exiled from his beloved Poland and his family still living there.

Philip Aughey as ChopinDespite this, Chopin composed and performed the music that we still love to hear. The narrative is told with humour, pathos and drama. The music serves to support elements of Chopin’s life, and while Philip Aughey does not reach the brilliance of his compatriot, Roger Woodward, he does convey the spirit of the composer and his conflicts through his playing. This perfomance gives a new awareness to the life and music of a great composer.

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