150 hat titlePhil Aughey is the progenitor of The Anvil Creek Theatre Company (ACT) starting it off in 1990's at Branxton NSW in amongst farming, animal husbandry, crop management, playwriting and raising his son Alex.

The ACT has performed “The Exchange” in pubs, clubs theatres, schools and caravan parks around and about the outback of Australia, bringing some culture directly to the folk who live far from the culturally indulgent cities. Although cities have had performances, it’s in the bush where the company focuses its attention, recognising and filling the performance space other companies find all too difficult to work in. The idea of a pub dinner, a play and a few beers is very appealing to people generally starved of good, high quality acting groups. Something different from tv and movies. The theatre of the absurd meets the outback.

The Exchange was the only production by the company for many years until Phil began to work on, and complete his latest work, “Chopin’s Last Tour” (CLT).

Based on the last years of this enchanting composer, CLT, comprises excerpts from Chopin’s works of the time and dialogue that weave together the engrossing story of the genius composer, Chopin.

A more intimate performance that requires a small theatre and a tuned piano, CLT was written because Phil wanted to share his great enjoyment he gets from playing Chopin’s works and the emotional changes as his life unfurls, bringing that to his audience.

CLT has been performed in Newcastle NSW and The Edinburg Fringe Festival in Scotland with many performances planned for the future.