The ideal space in which to perform this Chopin piece would be intimate and seat between 50 to 120. The size of the stage does not matter.

Must have a piano, upright is better but a grand all right.

Plus an ornate chair that can pass for 1848.

Technically it is very simple. There are pre recorded sound cues. These occur at the beginning and the end. Lighting stays constant till the end when it fades to nothing.

Small to medium sized theatre or hall is right.

Show goes for 50 minutes, no intermission.

Open to all audiences, although the normal is older than I.

It is now a bit of a tradition that when I play the piano in public I play for a charity. Thus worthwhile charities are welcome to make the production a fund raiser for their organisation.

Charities that have so far benefited from "Chopin" performances are -


PDSA in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Hunter womens Centre

Hunter Women's Centre Newcastle

cando 4 kids logo

Can do for Kids - Adelaide

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