About Islands in a Sea of ConfusionIs it possible, in this 21st Century where deadlines are of upmost importance, where personal wants have to be satisfied in this capitalistic regime, where spiritual needs play second place to selfish thought, to find love.

A very theatrical play about two friends trying to renew their relationship after years apart. Does it have to be that a relationship cannot change? In this world of role playing is it possible to truly communicate with someone else? Do our responsibilities to our careers make it impossible for a perfect relationship to exist? Is modern technology an inhibiting factor to communicating?

This play asks these questions. You, the audience, answers them.

An emotional, thought provoking play written and directed by Phillip Aughey.

Just as "Chopin's Last Tour" is completely different to "The Exchange", "Islands in a Sea of Confusion" is completely different to its companions.

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