Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to see an Anvil Creek Theatre performance?

This depends on the venue. Generally the tickets are not expensive and the entertainment is international class.

Why doesn’t ACT perform at large venues?

We do, but small, out of the way towns and villages are our forte. We enjoy bringing culture to the bush. The audiences appreciate the effort made to get there and also the professional s performing in their local pub or hall. A breathe of fresh air. 

So what are the performances about?

The Exchange, Chopin’s Last Tour and Islands in a Sea of Confusion are all very different experiences and couldn’t be any different from each other if they try. All are very entertaining and professionally presented. 

How do I go about booking the ACT?

Contact us and we will discuss with you what you would like. Sometimes we can make special arrangements for special events. 

How long has ACT been performing and where has the ACT performed?

The ACT has been performing for the best part of 20 years. Starting with the Exchange and then incorporating Chopin’s Last Tour and the latest, Islands in a Sea of Confusion to its stable, the ACT, for it’s size, has travelled to Edinburg’s Fringe Fesitval and 100’s of venues across Australia

Can the family attend a performance?

Although the content is about and for adults, children or parents will not be offended.

What age group does it appeal to?

act logoAny age. At Mortlake mum and dad's baby sitter didn't turn up. "Can the kids see it too". And, what's more they enjoyed it. Our median group is 45 to 65. 

Is there any bad language?

Appreciate, an authentic tale about a hotel, should have some swearing, however excepting a few bloodys and a bastard. That's it. It is very clean, considering its subject matter.

What is the humour like?

Predominately very, very dry. There is a laugh in it for everyone.

What sort of people like it?

Because of it's very Australian nature, everyone can associate with this piece. I do not write for a small group of theatre goers. This is written and performed in venues where it is accessable to every one.

Is it intellectually confronting?

From the writer's view, this piece is very carefully layered. The top layer is light, funny and entertaining. Some of our audience enjoy this layer and that is enough. There is a lot below the surface for those that are interested, but it is not compulsory.

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